Who we are: the core of the company

Temasa is an independent service company launched in late 2014 and based in Spain (Madrid). Temasa name has its origins on 1986; when Telefónica de España created a company named as such, to take responsibility of the extensive submarine cable network Telefonica had those days, reaching an important prestige and recognition. Temasa was acquired on 1999 by Tyco International (further Tyco Electronics – SubCom and changed name to Tyco Marine).

Temasa’s management team is composed by Ignacio Ugalde as the Founder Partner and Javier de la Cruz as Senior Partner (both Telefónica and TE SubCom ex-employees, each one with more than 40 years of experience in the telecom industry and particularly in submarine cables).

Temasa has the main office in Spain (Madrid Downtown) and recently opened an office in the USA located in Brickell Key (Miami).

Our collaborators: Professionalism & Expertise

Temasa currently employs around 20 engineers and specialists, from various countries, with an extensive submarine cable industry background. Temasa relays on key capable subcontractors/collaborators to perform different activities when and where required, such as:

• MARITECH: Shore-end installations, marine installation and repairs, surveys.
• SUMERGIA: Diving, marine assets for shallow water repairs, dive surveys.
• ECOCONSULTING: Permitting.
• SEARISK: Cable Awareness.

Our latest projects: Success stories

Shallow waters repairs performed off the Coast of Balboa (Panama) on PCCS submarine cable in three occasions. On each of them a full set of equipment, barge, diving team and personnel was engaged for the purpose.

Project Management, on behalf of GTD España, of a new double Submarine Cable System, named DOS CONTINENTES, linking Spain’s south coast with Ceuta. This project will be finalized in late 2019.

Maintenance of the Telefónica de España Outside Plant and Terminal Stations in Spain. Several interventions were required during that time.

Expertise in Submarine Cables

TEMASA has a management and technical core teams with many years of experience in the installation and maintenance of undersea communications cables, whose training was mainly based on the Telefónica group and SubCom company (formerly part of the Tyco Electronics group) systems and equipment; in addition, the group of collaborating companies also has equivalent experience in the undersea communications cable industry; this combination of knowledge makes TEMASA one of the most experienced market consultancies in this industry, able to face projects and services within the reach of very few companies.