Support to Cable Promoters or to Cable Owners by:
• Providing contacts for the different services/products required for the SCS founding/commercialization.
• Providing contacts for the different supplies required for the system implementation.

• Desk Top Study
• Permitting
• Survey
• Cable/Equipment provision
• Cable installation
• Cable Maintenance

• Providing contract templates (Terms and Conditions) for the above mentioned services.
• Reviewing the different specifications to ensure the product/service compliance with the Promoter’s needs.
• Managing the project implementation (Project Management) on behalf of the Promoter.


Maintenance of the cable between the Terminal Station and the manhole landing point of the cable (Beach Manhole – BMH). This cable section is named Outside Plant (OSP).
• Temasa owns the required testing and fusion equipment.
• Temasa uses a leased jointing equipment.
• Temasa provides qualified personnel for this work.
• KPI are part of the contract.

Terminal Station Maintenance.
• Temasa operates the Cable Owner Terminal Station equipment with qualified personnel.
• KPI are part of the contract.

Shallow water repairs. Repairs in areas where a cableship is not able to work due to draft restrictions.
• Temasa assembles a solution for these repairs using different subcontractors.
• Repair Project Management
• Special cable equipment supply and importation.
• Support vessel/barge contract.
• Diving support contract


To the Cable Suppliers:
• Cable engineers to control cable installation or repair onboard the cableships.
• Cable testers to monitor cable performance for cable installation or fault location for
cable repair onboard cableships.
• Engineers in Charge (EICs) to coordinate cable repairs or installations onboard cableships.
• All personnel have seaman’s book and adequate qualification.

To the Cable Promoters/Owners:
• Representatives onboard the Cable Supplier cable survey or cable installation vessel to monitor that the operations are performed according the contract specification.
• Representatives report to the Cable Promoter/Owner directly.