Ethic Channel


Welcome to the Ethical Channel of Temasa Marine, SL.


Ethic Channel is a tool for reporting irregularities and managing the crime prevention model of Temasa Marine, SL.


Who is it aimed at

It is open to all employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders of the company.


Prevention. It acts against corruption and promotes the prevention of crime or irregular behavior
Alert system. It works as an early warning of possible irregularities detected within the organization

Confidentiality. Complaints are treated confidentially, which offers more security and confidence to the complainant


1. Diffusion of the channel. The company or organization informs stakeholders of the existence of a Responsible Channel.
2. Registration of the complaint. Confidential registration of the complaint on the platform by employees, customers, suppliers or other parties.

3. Investigation of facts. The person in charge of the channel receives the complaint and investigates the facts, informing the complainant of the process.
4. Closing the process. The company or organization takes the appropriate measures to correct the reportable facts and closes the process.

Communications must be sent using the following anonymous form

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